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Selection days for September 2019 are closed for registration.* 

Please login in and click in the right menu (Study Start Checklist) on 'Enroll for selection day'.

The selection days for September 2019 are:

September 2019
8 February 2019 (FULL)
1 March 2019 (FULL)
15 March 2019 (FULL)
29 March 2019 (FULL)
21 June 2019 (FULL - waiting list*)
28 June 2019  (FULL - waiting list*)

* Since the application deadline of May 1st has expired, we work with a waitinglist. for the Selection Days on June 21st and June 28th. In order to be placed on this list, please apply on first and send an email to with your studentnumber and telephone number. 
General information about a selection day:

Every selection day we have a certain capacity; once we have reached this capacity you can not choose this date anymore and it is not possible to register anymore.

The selection procedure consists of 2 phases.

Phase 1: Registration and Pre-selection
You need to register for a selection day first. Based on the answers to the questions being asked and your resume, the admissions committee will make a pre-selection and will inform you whether or not you are enrolled for the actual selection day.
Please note that you will receive a conformation mail after your registration. If you don’t receive this after 24 hours, please contact our Hostprogramme.
Phase 2: Selection-Day
If you are selected to attend the Selection Day, you will receive approximately ten days prior to the selection day an additional e-mail with an invitation with the time you need to be at Stenden Hotel Management School. Take a look at 'What to expect' for more details about the procedure.
Results will be communicated within three weeks after the selection day.
*) Keuzedeel means the Aansluitmoduul/Keuzedeel 'Stenden hbo-mbo hospitality'

**) This is not applicable for MOH students:
There will be no pre-selection. As soon as you have registered for a selection day, you are in and we expect you to be present. .

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