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Selection days for September 2019 are closed for registration.* 

Please login in and click in the right menu (Study Start Checklist) on 'Enroll for selection day'.

The selection days for September 2019 are:

September 2019
8 February 2019 (FULL)
1 March 2019 (FULL)
15 March 2019 (FULL)
29 March 2019 (FULL)
21 June 2019 (FULL)
28 June 2019  (FULL)

General information about a selection day:

Every selection day we have a certain capacity; once we have reached this capacity you can not choose this date anymore and it is not possible to register anymore.

The selection procedure consists of 2 phases.

Phase 1: Registration and Pre-selection
You need to register for a selection day first. Based on the answers to the questions being asked and your resume, the admissions committee will make a pre-selection and will inform you whether or not you are enrolled for the actual selection day.
Please note that you will receive a conformation mail after your registration. If you don’t receive this after 24 hours, please contact our Hostprogramme.
Phase 2: Selection-Day
If you are selected to attend the Selection Day, you will receive approximately ten days prior to the selection day an additional e-mail with an invitation with the time you need to be at Stenden Hotel Management School. Take a look at 'What to expect' for more details about the procedure.
Results will be communicated within three weeks after the selection day.
*) Keuzedeel means the Aansluitmoduul/Keuzedeel 'Stenden hbo-mbo hospitality'

**) This is not applicable for MOH students:
There will be no pre-selection. As soon as you have registered for a selection day, you are in and we expect you to be present. .

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