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What to expect

The final step in beginning your education at the Stenden Hotel Management School at NHL-Stenden University is the orientation week called Study Start Week. 
Study Start Week is the time for you to dive into the Stenden HMS Student Life. During these days we introduce you to your first module group and Hosts, who are two current students of Stenden HMS. All together you will participate in numerous events and activities that help you discover the city, study and social life of NHL-Stenden. You get to see the campus, experience what PBL is and how it works, have workshops related to hospitality industry and of course have a great time with your peers. Your Hosts and other host team members are there to help you and answer any questions you might have about the school and your life at NHL-Stenden.

We are currently working on the schedule for the SSW in February 2019. As soon as the schedule is available it will be uploaded here. In the mean time have a look at our Facebook page to stay updated on the event.

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