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Preparing for Selection

Every student living in the Netherlands who is interested in studying at Stenden Hotel Management School at NHL Stenden University of Applied sciences must go through a selection process. This process will ensure that you have the right qualifications and the motivation to begin studying with us. In order to begin the selection procedure, you must first go to Studielink and register for the Hotel Management program at NHL Stenden University. Keep in mind that your Studielink page is in Dutch, otherwise you will not be enrolled for the right course. Within a few days after registering at Studielink you will receive your personal login for Start.StendenHMS.

Please be aware of our new pre-seletion procedure which is explained in the chapter Admission - What to expect.

You can enrol now on Studielink for the February 2019 intake.
Do you want to enrol for the September 2018 intake? Studielink is open as of October 1st 2018. 

HAVO and VWO Students

On a selection day your suitability and aptitude for the Stenden Hotel Management School will be assessed through the following activities:

  • A test that measures your motivation, English level and economic and hospitality competencies
  • An interview with a member of the industry, a teacher and a student

On selection day please make sure to:

  • S how up on time
  • Dress in business attire

MOH Students

Be aware of the fact that the MOH (Middelbare hotelschool) without keuzedeel 'mbo-hbo hospitality' programme is fully booked for the september '18 intake in Leeuwarden. It's still possible to enroll for this MOH programme in Emmen or to choose for the regular programme (4 years) in Leeuwarden.

Students who have attended and completed the Middelbare Hotel School follow a slightly different selection process. You need to enroll for a selection day on this website. During this day you will have your intake. Please, fill out the following form which needs to be signed by your school and take it with you on the selection day.For questions about MOH intake, please contact our Hostoffice: email: tel:0582441618.

Other MBO students

All other MBO students have to go through the same selection procedure as any other Dutch student. This means that they would have to sign up for a selection day via Start.StendenHMS.

21+ students

Students of 21 years or older with no sufficient prior education can do a 21+ test in order to see if you are eligible to start the education. In this case you can contact Rita Dijk at

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