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Booklist 2018-2019
The booklist(s) 2018-2019 for the BBA and AD fulltime programmes in Leeuwarden and Emmen can be found on the website of our official supplier ‘‘. The students get 5% discount on Dutch publications and 10% discount on International publications. There are no post/delivery costs that students need to pay. The website is available in English as well as Dutch language.

Special note about the Market Leader textbook: We advise that BBA and AD programme Year 1 students should keep their receipt in case they pass the placement test during Study Start Week and subsequently receive an exemption from the Business English Grammar & Vocabulary Exam to be offered later-on in Year 1 program in the modules ‘Guest Experience’ and ‘Resources’.

• For Leeuwarden campus students the (online search) route is as follows: -> NHL Stenden -> Leeuwarden -> 2018-2019 -> Hotel Management School -> Select your programme

• For Emmen campus students the (online search) route is as follows: -> NHL Stenden  -> Emmen -> 2018-2019 -> Hotel Management School -> Select your programme
• Online access to the language programme ‘Rosetta Stone’
Rosetta Stone
In the academic year 2018-19, those Year 2 students who have chosen to study 2nd foreign languages like French, German or Spanish in the ‘Languages & Cultures in International Business’ module at intermediate level need to purchase an online access to the language program called ‘Rosetta Stone’. This Rosetta Stone Advantage 'Bronze’ license for ‘intermediate level’ students (applicable for languages French, German or Spanish) will cost €40. The participating students have online access for a maximum of one year starting from the module period in which they follow the language module.

Do you want to learn an extra language?
Based on the above-mentioned license, the participating students, have this online access to only one language course. In case a student is interested in having access to an additional 2nd foreign language course and therefore is willing to purchase an additional license he/she can contact the Stenden Language Centre.

How to buy the licence
This license can be purchased online via Stenden webshop (log in as a student / Stenden Employee). It takes max. 2 weeks to receive the online access. The webshop orders can be purchased with iDEAL (Payment system) or with a credit card.

Questions about Rosetta Stone
In case you have any specific question(s) related to Rosetta Stone application or about the purchase of this license please send an e-mail to with a subject title of your e-mail: Rosetta Stone and chosen language or go to Stenden Language Centre, A0.12.

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