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Hotel Management
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Getting ready

Year One
Year one is dedicated to introducing you as a new member of the hospitality industry. In this year you will get the basics about being a new member of a hospitality organization. There are three theoretical modules: Guest Experience, Hospitality Operations and Resources (at least forty hours work experience is needed to write the assignment for this module) and one practical modules: Real World Learning. The practice module focuses on developing personal and professional competences required in the hospitality industry.
Year Two
Within the second year you learn more about the processes that help hospitality companies to be successful. You will get to know all that is involved with middle management functions and the responsibilities involved. In the second year there are three theoretical modules: Hospitality Operations Environment, Hospitality Operations Design and International Business Communication (Language Module). There is also a Practical Module: Hospitality Operations Performance.
Year Three
At this point in time, you have learnt enough about the industry and its operations to make strategic decisions. In the third year, you are going to make strategic decisions and examine the consequences of decisions on the industry. You will also work on a Hospitality Research Project during one semester. In practice you will be a manager of a department within our learning company. This year is also the year when you decide which area of the industry you would like to specialize in. We offer specializations in wine studies, food and beverage, event management, market orientation, rooms division, humanitarian and cruise management.
Year Four
This is the year of the internship. You will spend 10 months on internship seeing firsthand how the concepts you have learnt throughout your study are implemented. The hotel management school works with hotel, event, catering, cruise and many other companies throughout the world and offers you many different positions. During this internship you will also write a Business Improvement Plan (Bachelor Dissertation) where you critically examine your company and give recommendations based on the concepts you have explored in your education.
Career Development Programme
The Career Development Programme (CDP) forms a core through the entire IHM studies. The programme was c reated to encourage regular reflection by students, which in turn supports learning and competence development. The ability to reflect, make sense of knowledge and the development of competencies are critical processes for all students and future professionals if. The programme consists of workshops, reflection sessions and individual meetings. Students will be assigned a Career Coach who will guide you through assignments, personal goal setting and the production of a portfolio on their personal strengths and professional development. Every student needs to carry out a number of elective activities as well. The Career Coach will guide you through your entire studies.

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